Spiritual Sobriety

Spiritual Direction and Clinical Counselling

Dixie S Black, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Spiritual Direction and Clinical Counselling

Dixie has enjoyed a successful counselling practice in Vancouver since 1987. She is a graduate of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Vancouver and the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program at the Vancouver School of Theology, University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, BC. She has extensive counselling, teaching, consulting and coaching experience that has produced positive results for her clients.

As a counsellor she works with individuals, couples, families and groups in private practice and as a contractor for non-profit societies. Dixie brings a wealth of experience from her work in areas of stress management, performance enhancement, anxiety and depression, sexual orientation and relationship issues and sexual abuse recovery with a concentration in substance abuse issues and compulsive behaviours.

In the area of addictions she has worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor in the corrections system as well as in private practice. Dixie has worked successfully with compulsive shoplifters and other non-violent fraud offenders. A co-founder of the Over$penders Clinic, a program designed for compulsive spenders and debtors, she established the first counselling organization in Canada that addressed financial problems as an emotional and psychological issue, rather than only as an accounting issue. She contributed to the curriculum in Financial Literacy for mental health service providers.

As a spiritual counsellor Dixie works with people who come from established religious traditions as well as with those who work within the earth based traditions. People who do not subscribe to any organized religious community have also found her to be helpful in exploring their own path to a spiritual life. She is a member of a group of spiritual directors and spiritual companions at the Centre for Spiritual Direction at Christchurch Cathedral in Vancouver.

Her strong, supportive and non-judgmental attitude combined with a creative and motivating personality makes Dixie a valuable resource for personal change

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